Sun Lane Site

Published: 18 February 2022

You may see various activities on site over the coming weeks and months. These works comprise of further survey work, plus tree removal works which are in line with the outline planning permission. The reason for doing this now is to carry out works prior to the 2022 bird nesting season. Any pruning works would be undertaken in accordance with any relevant planning conditions and if/where necessary with the consent of the local planning authority (LPA) in place. There will also be other works such as those associated with archaeology which can only be carried out upon confirmation of certain conditions attached to the outline planning permission being discharged by the LPA. Those works which don’t require any prior consent from the LPA, may begin in the forthcoming weeks, with other work taking place over the next couple of months. More information on the archaeological works can be found here.
None of these early preliminary works would constitute commencement of development, nor would they involve physical construction.
Should anyone have any concerns or queries, then please contact David Wilson homes on 0800 089 0362 or