Thank You

Published: 01 May 2020

For many it might appear as though life has hit the pause button as we wait to be told when social distancing measures can be lifted. For many others, volunteers included, life is busier than it was before. On behalf of the Parish Council, thank you to everyone who is supporting their community in so many ways.
The Parish Council received official endorsement to continue with our leaflet distribution explaining to residents how they can help their neighbours, and to let residents who are self-isolating know how they can access assistance. Thank you to all the volunteers who stepped in to help with this distribution. The form can also be printed from our web site
In the meantime the teamwork between Love Burley, the Parish Council, Community Trust and organisations in neighbouring towns and villages is working well in supporting people and sharing ideas and resources. The team that is Love Burley  has stepped up their normal level of support to residents in need.  To date 182 volunteers have come forward to offer assistance and this figure is growing each day.  There are some 70 households (singles and couples) who now have a buddy, and more requests are being received all the time.  Until last week the main request for support was for shopping, picking up prescriptions etc. but in recent days there has been an increasing need for people needing befrienders to chat on the phone.  Love Burley is currently working with volunteers on allocating befrienders now, before people find they need them.  Isolation and loneliness will kick in now as people are unable to go to the groups, shops and meet friends in the normal way

  • If you spot people in need, please let us know, even if you think they might have some sort of support already. 
  • If you see a need, no matter how small, please let us know.  We have many volunteers who are only too happy to step in and help

If you are aware of any elderly or vulnerable adults needing support please contact Love Burley: ​​Robert Saville 07802 800016 or Becky Berry 07874 226690. They have a list of volunteers who are happy to help with shopping, have a chat on the phone or assist as needed.​ Similarly if you are able to help with the volunteering activity then please let them know.