Support for Self-Isolating Residents with their Shopping

Published: 14 April 2020

While we have volunteers who are willing to do shopping on behalf of self-isolating residents, the Parish Council are aware that not all residents can transfer money electronically, and need cash in order to pay for their shopping.

Clearly with the current restrictions not all residents can obtain cash from their usual sources, and we recognise that this will lead to concerns about how residents can continue to pay for their shopping, and indeed may cut back on basic provisions for fear they will be unable to pay. At the same time we all need to be mindful of the warnings about potential fraud and reiterate the advice that residents should not be parting with their card details. 

On a case by case basis, the Parish Council has agreed to pay volunteers directly for the shopping purchased on behalf of residents who don’t have access to any other means of payment. This is done on the understanding that residents will pay the Parish Council back as soon as they are able when social distancing measures are lifted. In extraordinary circumstances, some exceptional support is required, and with different organsiations coming to together like this, we can at least ensure that our most vulnerable self-isolating residents get the basic provision they need to stay at home and follow the government advice.