Thank You to Everyone who is Supporting the Community

Published: 27 May 2020

The Love Burley team report that 150 people are currently being supported across the village by over 200 willing volunteers.

Over the last few weeks Love Burley have been working closely with Bradford District Council, the local GP surgery and neighbouring organisations to ensure joined up support for our residents. In particular Love Burley has been contacting shielded people/families who Bradford couldn’t contact by phone.  The group has also been helping co-ordinate regular drops of food to food banks.

A number of residents unable to leave their home are taking up the offer of deferred payment for shopping which is currently being offered through the Parish Council. All volunteers have been reimbursed within one working day.

Most importantly, some people, many living on their own, may not have left their house for 10 weeks, and the impact of COVID-19 on mental health is not to be under-estimated.  Please continue to watch out for your friends and neighbours and highlight anyone you’re worried about to the Love Burley team.  They will deal with it sensitively and confidentially, and work with our partners to ensure those in need get support. If you are aware of any elderly or vulnerable adults needing support please contact Love Burley: ​​Robert Saville 07802 800016. They have a list of volunteers who are happy to help with shopping, have a chat on the phone or assist as needed.​ Similarly if you are able to help with the volunteering activity then please let them know.