Welcome to Debbie Cox

Published: 17 March 2020

Welcome to Debbie Cox who has joined the Parish Council. Debbie’s current role involves problem solving and project management, often with small means. Success in getting things done means having to think creatively and collaborating with all interested parties in order to get the best outcome. She hopes to bring this perspective and put it to good use in supporting Parish Council initiatives.

As part of a workplace scheme she was fortunate enough to be involved in the build-up of the work with Barnardos and supporting young people leaving care to live independent lives. It was this which sparked her interest in local affairs. She is keen to secure that the village both retains its character and is a vibrant place to live with a thriving local economy and an inclusive community spirit. Her particular interests as a councillor are the environment, sustainable living, the engagement of young people and an infrastructure which supports everyday life.