Parish Council Office

Published: 19 March 2020

In light of recent government announcements the Parish Council are responding to changing circumstances by modifying working arrangements.

The team in the office will work from home as much as possible. With fewer events and members of the public at the Queens Hall, and a separate office area they will work where they feel it most appropriate. In the event the Parish Office is not manned, an alternative contact number is now available (07376 320 999), and all e-mail will still be responded to in the normal way.

Meanwhile the Parish Council is taking measures to work without face to face meetings. There is a proposal to delegate decision making to ensure the continuation of business. Matters which would ordinarily go before full council that require an immediate decision will be taken by the clerk after consultation as appropriate.

That being the case, there should be no need to meet face to face or for members of the public to feel the need to attend meetings held in public.