Cybercrime Awareness

Published: 26 February 2020

West Yorkshire Police has a dedicated Cybercrime Team, who are looking to spread the word about the dangers of Cybercrime and the devastating impact it can have on people’s lives.

In January the Cyber Team delivered training to over 800 people. These included children and groups that contained teachers/governors/NHS staff/ youth staff.

Cyber crime is an ‘umbrella’ term for lots of different types of crimes which either take place online or where technology is a means and/or target for the attack.
It is one of the fastest growing criminal activities across the world, and can affect both individuals and businesses.

One current example relates to a very clever facebook / messenger scam:

A person will hack into a facebook messenger account and then message their friends asking to use their pay pal account as theirs is playing up. They will say they are selling an item and ask if they can get the buyer to pay the cost into the victim’s pay pal account, and then ask that they transfer that money into an account they will provide details for. The account will be a sort code and account number and will say it is the hacked friend’s name. Once the victim can see the money is in the pay pal account, the victim will transfer the money to the bank account provided. Only then will pay pal take the money out of the pay pal account as a dispute has been raised, leaving the victim out of pocket. It’s very clever and has caught people out.

Be warned – if a friend asks to use your pay pal account – are you sure it is them? Ring them or visit them to make sure. Please report any such instances to Action Fraud

Cyber crimes can affect people in different ways, and in most cases victims will feel worried and scared by what has happened. For this reason cyber crimes are treated as ‘real world’ crimes and are prosecuted as such.

Anyone can be a victim of cyber crime – whether you are a young person who feels they are being bullied or harassed online or an older person or business who has been scammed out of money or important data

There are a number of websites out there that offer lots of advice and guidance on how to stay safe online not least of which is the West Yorkshire Police Cyber Unit ( who have produced this guide