Grant for Love Burley

Published: 01 March 2020

Love Burley started in 2016 with the objective of providing a full Christmas dinner for senior members of the village living on their own, who might otherwise not receive a Christmas dinner. The first event that was held attracted 16 people, and was supported by a small group of volunteers and the local churches. This early success led the group on to now running four events a year, attracting in excess of 60 people each time.

Supporters of Love Burley help by lending equipment, offering lifts, helping with cleaning, setting up and serving food, and also chatting with guests. Initially events were self-funded with volunteers donating food. Early support from local shops was greatly appreciated but this has reduced over time in line with local shops increased support for other community groups.

Apart from Christmas, an event normally costs around £100 to stage (Christmas being closer to £400-£500), and the group needs to raise over £800 to cover costs for 2020. The Community Trust has donated £500, and the Parish Council were delighted to be able to do the same, which provides sufficient funds for the group for this year, and early into next.