Ilkley Grammar School Admissions Consultation

Published: 09 January 2020

Ilkley Grammar School has opened a consultation to seek views on two proposed changes of admissions policy:

· Expansion of the Priority 2 Catchment Area: this is a proposed slight expansion of the Priority 2 catchment area for Ilkley Grammar School for admissions from September 2021. The proposed change involves extending the Priority 2 boundary to encompass the High Royds Estate in Menston; there are no changes to the defined Priority 1 catchment area.

· Amendment to the over-subscription criteria at Post-16: this is a proposed amendment the over-subscription criteria at Post-16 to include students from The Skipton Academy.

The consultation runs until 31st January 2020. Following an analysis of the responses, a report will then be presented to the governors of the academy for a decision to be made to proceed or not. Any comments or suggestions can be made to the following e mail address: If you wish to send a response by post, please send it to Ilkley Grammar School directly, and not the Parish Council