Bradford Core Strategy: Partial Review

Published: 20 August 2019

In light of changes to national planning policy and local strategies since the Bradford plan was adopted, Bradford Council have started consultation on the scope of a formal review. In short, the Government has changed the approach as to how housing need is calculated in England. This has resulted in more housing being required in the South of England (with a greater population density and higher employment rates), and a proportionate reduction in the North. With the reduced overall housing requirement and updated distribution of growth, all settlements across Bradford are likely to see a reduction in absolute housing targets (with the exception of Bradford City Centre).

Core Strategy Review Timetable

Bradford Council is asking for comments on:
·         The policies and any suggested changes
·         Alternatives to the preferred policy options
·         Comments on supporting documentation
Once this consultation is completed, the plan is likely to go forward to a further round of statutory consultation in June/July 2020 prior to formal submission to the Secretary of State for public examination. The public examination and any modifications and subsequent additional consultation on the plan are likely to mean that formal adoption is unlikely before early 2022.
The Implications for Sun Lane Development
The timetable above means that a decision on Sun Lane will be made well before any revised housing numbers are agreed.  The planning application for Sun Lane was submitted under the ‘current’ core strategy, consequently it's unaffected at this time.
How have housing numbers changed?
The current Core Strategy sets out a housing requirement for the period 2013-2030 of around 42,100 homes across Bradford. The final housing allocation numbers are likely to be nearer 26,150 homes over the 17 years of the plan. As part of the review, the targets have been halved in Ilkley and Menston - while the Addingham figure has been cut by 62%. Burley’s housing target is likely to reduce from 700 to 550 units (21%), although the decrease across the district is likely to be around 38%. Quite why Burley’s housing numbers are not being reduced in line with the Wharfedale average remains unclear.
What will the next steps be?
The Core Strategy review will indicate the broad distribution of housing growth and will provide further headline information including whether Green Belt release is required in particular locations. The Allocations Development Plan will set out detailed changes to the Green Belt and preferred site allocations. Consultation is planned to take place from October 2019 on site allocations for housing and employment
Where can I find out more?
Residents who want to find out more on the subject can refer to the Bradford Council web site:
A newsletter has been produced by Bradford Council which outlines the key directions of the review

Consultation opened on 30th July and will remain open until 24th September 2019 on the preferred options, supporting evidence and impact assessments.