Well Wharfedale Volunteer Trustees required

Published: 19 June 2019

The NHS within Bradford has established Well Wharfedale to explore how health and wellbeing can be looked at differently. The focus is on what keeps people well and what are the barriers to staying well. Wellness is more than just health; it’s not “what’s the matter with you?” but “what matters to you?” This could be a purpose in life, a decent home or strong relationships – for each of us it will be different.

The ambition of Well Wharfedale is to identify the assets that already exist and act as an umbrella to connect local people and groups to build on what’s strong to address what’s wrong.

If you’re passionate about the wellbeing of Wharfedale and you’re able to contribute some of your time to being a trustee of Well Wharfedale then please get in touch.

The role of the trustee

The group are looking for people of all ages and backgrounds to be involved so whether you’ve recently retired, would like to do something as part of your school work experience or have some free time and would like to use it in making a difference within your local community then the role of trustee for Well Wharfedale could be what you’re looking for.

The trustees will be required to take a lead in setting up Well Wharfedale as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Initially duties will include completing the registration process to become a CIO along with other administrative tasks such as organising meetings, setting up a bank account and sharing the progress with wider stakeholders.

Once Well Wharfedale has registered as a CIO it will then be the role of the trustees to raise awareness within the community, connect with other volunteer groups and act as a link to provide a more co-ordinated approach to wellbeing within Wharfedale. Ideally the group would like at least one trustee from each of the areas within Wharfedale – Ilkley, Addingham, Burley-in-Wharfedale and Silsden. Having an oversight of all the great things going on within each area will enable them to share skills and knowledge, create a volunteer bank for small community tasks such as buddies & transport drivers, connect different volunteer groups with each other and provide easy access to new funding initiatives.

If you’d like to register your interest to become a Well Wharfedale trustee then please contact: Lisa Oldfield (Lisa.oldfield@awcccg.nhs.uk ) on 01274 237663

Once the group have received enough expressions of interest they will hold a briefing session to provide further information.