CAA's decision to refuse Leeds Bradford Airspace Change Proposal

Published: 19 June 2019

Residents may recall that Leeds Bradford Airport issued a consultation document on the Airspace Change Programme to comply with nationwide changes to increase the number of aircraft that can be safely accommodated in UK airspace.

In their November 2017 response to the airport's consultation document, the Parish Council was critical of the then proposed departure route. While the airport issued a revised proposal which, while still not following the Noise Preferential Route, did not significantly lessen the sharpness of the left turn and so reduce the noise from the engines as they turn away from Burley.

The airport’s final proposal went to the Civil Aviation Authority in December 2018. The have now informed Leeds Bradford Airport that it has decided to refuse its airspace change proposal (ACP). You are able to view the document explaining the decision here:

When considering proposals to change the design of UK airspace, the CAA decides whether or not the ‘Change Sponsor’ (in this case Leeds Bradford Airport) has consulted on its ACP properly. In this instance, the CAA has concluded that Leeds Bradford Airport’s consultation failed to meet its consultation requirements in the following ways:

· The justifications for the changes were presented ambiguously and were difficult to comprehend.

· The Operators and Owners of all classes of aircraft who participated in the consultation did not have their concerns, which were raised in the consultation process, conscientiously considered and mitigated adequately.

· Consultations should be informative and provide enough information for those participating to understand the issues. The diagrams presented in some of the submitted documents do not accurately portray the impact of the change to the communities involved.