Refurbishment Roundup

Published: 17 May 2019

Queens Hall

The Parish Council approved a cost of £365,000 to refurbish the Queens Hall. Less a 10% contingency, BowmanRiley and JP Wild have refined the schedule of work in order to agree a work package of £323,000.

The Main Hall redecoration is now complete and is almost ready for sign off. Meanwhile the old kitchen has been removed and the new partition wall and hatch have been built. The kitchen units and appliances are due to be installed by the end of this week. All the toilets are almost complete with the new cubicles, tiling and flooring all being done this week. The bulk of the remaining work is now the roof work which is in progress, the public toilet which started last week, and knocking through to the caretakers office and the windows.

The windows have caused some delays because of problems which have been experienced with the supplier. All windows are being delivered to site on 28th May with the windows to Jolly Tots being completed first (as this is Half Term week and the nursery is slightly quieter than usual). The rest of the windows will be completed over the weeks 3rd and 10th June.


The roof work is progressing well and the windows have been started. The removal of the old windows has caused a significant amount of damage to the plaster of the walls internally due to the old windows having straps on each side which were concealed by the existing plaster. This will add further costs to make the walls good once the new windows are in. All other work in the library is progressing well. The ceiling has been taken down, the new partitions have been built to create the accessible toilet, the radiators are being done this week and the new kitchen is well underway.


Work on the Roundhouse is progressing well. The repairs to the roof and stonework have now been completed. The joinery and glazing works have been completed as has the redecoration. The contractor is awaiting delivery of the aluminium rainwater gutters and is aiming to have all the works complete by the end of the month