Iron Row Allotments and Sports Area

Published: 18 March 2019

Last November the Parish Council requested authority from Bradford Council to commence work in line with the conditions of the lease granted by Bradford. Following objections to the now withdrawn proposal to create the MUGA, Bradford Council wishes to ensure that the proposed allotments are what the village really wants.


It is recognised that the 70 people on the allotment waiting list would support the concept of additional allotments, but how do you feel? Would you support the proposal to create 21 allotments and a 9-a-side football pitch on the land to the west of Iron Row?


Please let the Parish Clerk know if you support the provision of 21 allotments on the recreation ground which is currently designated as playing fields


If approved, the funding for this will come from contributions from the Greenholme Mills developers that have been promised towards the costs of providing community and social infrastructure.