Consultation on the future of Burley Public Toilets

Published: 20 January 2019

The automated public convenience by Burley Grange was vandalised last year and has been out of service since then. As a new public toilet is to be incorporated into the refurbished Queens Hall, so the need  for repairing the existing one and having two facilities in the village is questionable, particularly since the Parish Council pay business rates on the building which far exceeds the money made from usage. This then suggests that the time is probably right to remove the automated public convenience. 

The existing brick building behind the convenience appears structurally sound, but has limited facilities. It is however in a prime location in the centre of the village. The challenge facing the council is to decide on possible uses for both brick buildings.

The Parish Council would like to consult with residents and organisations across the village regarding possible future uses for these buildings. Possible ideas suggested so far include:


  • Relocation of the wooden shed in Grange Park that is used to store equipment used by our street cleaner
  • Creation of additional parking space in the middle of the village
  • Possible rental by organisations who may be willing to cover the business rates

However, you may have a better idea!

If you have a proposal as to how best these buildings could be put to better use, please contact with your ideas which will be reviewed by the Parish Council