Library Building Condition

Library Building Condition Survey

Acutely aware of the condition of the building, in September 2016 the Parish Council commissioned an independent condition survey. The full report can be found here:
Burley Library Condition Survey
The report noted that the library was generally dated, worn and much of the internal areas were in need of upgrade and refurbishment. The total anticipated costs to do this within the next 2 years were in the region of £178,000, with a further £98,000 required within the next 5 years. The main costs were required to address:

  • The windows and doors which are life expired, difficult to operate and in need of replacing
  • The flat roof is failing and needs replacing to address several leaks and massively improve the thermal efficiency of the property, and with it the cost efficiency of heating the building
  • The power and lighting is generally life expired and in need of replacement to ensure the safety of the building users.
  • It is unrealistic to imagine that the work could be completed without replastering and plastering and repairs in the main library and subsequent redecorating

The way forward

The Parish Council are co-ordinating a list of volunteers to staff the library when the service is taken over from Bradford in April 2017. The response from the village to requests for help has been very encouraging. We have a number of enthusiastic volunteers signed up and would welcome anyone who would like to commit a few hours a week to helping run the service. We hope to build on the basic library function by running sessions for interest groups so, if you have a particular skill, interest or hobby you'd like to share, please contact the library committe at the Parish Council

From April 2017, the Parish Council will:

  • Measure the usage of the library 
  • Assess the demand for services that can usefully be provided from the building 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of staffing the library with volunteers 
  • Consider where financial support might be obtained to address the shortfalls of the condition of the building
  • Assess the running costs of the current building and day to day library operations
  • Consider whether library services can be effectively delivered elsewhere within the village
During 2017 it is expected that Bradford will make their long term support plans clear, and at that stage the Parish Council will be better positioned to consider the long term future of the building and library services.

A property valuation was conducted in September 2017 at which time the property had a market value of £275,000 as it is now, or £300,000 - £350,000 with planning permission for residential development.

Library Valuation September 2017