Leaf Clearance and Local Flooding

In Burley, geography and density of trees can make leaf litter a significant cause of blocked gullies and grates, which can in turn lead to localised flooding in periods of heavy rainfall. Bradford Council do not have enough gully wagons for gullies and grates to be cleaned on a regular basis when it is most needed during the late Autumns and early Winter. However when a blocked gully is reported to Bradford it is usually dealt with fairly promptly because they are then able to prioritise the street for cleaning, and aim to address such requests within 21 days.

The best way to report is via the Bradford web site. This is more efficient than simply emailing the council and waiting for the e-mail to be forwarded to the correct department.

In some parts of the village, most of the leaves are from trees on private property, not Council owned land, so residents might consider whether they need to be a good neighbour, and take some responsibility for clearance outside their property to avoid contributing to problems elsewhere in the village. 

Leaf Clearance