Friends of Burley House Field

Purpose of the Friends of Burley House Field

  1. To assist in maintaining a sense of continuity in the management of the field in accordance with the Management Agreement with BMDC and any additional policies produced by Burley Parish Council Environment, Maintenance and Allotments Committee (EMA).

  2. To act as a critical friend to the Parish Council in the management of the field as an asset for the community.

  3. To encourage involvement in the development, maintenance, restoration, enhancement and appropriate biodiversity of the field through voluntary working groups.

  4. To comment on, give advice and support to planned and future projects, which will enhance and widen the use of the field.

  5. Assist with monthly monitoring of plant life and any other surveys deemed appropriate.

  6. Liaise with youth groups to encourage participation in projects and other appropriate activities on the field.

  7. Liaison with other village organisations, and specialist wildlife groups.

  8. Communicate by all suitable means with all users of the field.



The Friends of Burley House Field will be coordinated by a Committee consisting of: 

Up to three Parish Councillors, one of whom shall chair the Environment, Maintenance and Allotments Committee
Four residents living within the LS29 7 Postcode area, one of whom represents Burley Village Wildlife Group
Other than the Chairman and Secretary, one committee member, shall fulfill the role of Treasurer if required. 
The Committee may co-opt additional members when required. The Committee will also prepare, publish and present an Annual Report, accompanied by audited accounts if necessary, at a public meeting.
Committee Minutes 10/04/17