Youth Services

A limited outreach programme started on the 23rd October to engage with youngsters in the public areas of the village. At the same time, Bradford have made it clear that from April next year they will no longer hold the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award licence or deliver the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditions as they currently do. Reductions in funding have meant Bradford Council can no longer afford to meet the costs of running the award within the Youth Service.

It might be possible for Burley Parish Council to agree to the running this and ensure that the Queens Hall could remain as a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award venue for young people from Wharfedale. With the learnings from the outreach programme, the Parish Council are currently exploring the options to provide for improved Youth Service in the village


Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) Award scheme

Quite separately, Bradford Council has taken the decision not to pay for the license for the Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) Award scheme from April next year. Instead, young people will be encouraged to join through their local school or uniformed organisations such as the Scouts and Guides. Burley used to have in excess of 100 young people meeting in the Queens Hall on a Monday and Wednesday, but this number has now fallen. Although Bradford Council can staff DofE meetings probably the only way the scheme and its expeditions can be offered from the Queens Hall is for the Parish Council to become the DofE licence holder and effectively underwrite the scheme. This could be funded three ways: by parents making a contribution, by Bradford Youth Service and by the Parish Council. The anticipated Parish Council contribution of around £7,000 a year will go forward for inclusion in the budget next year and The Parish Council will support the proposal to provide DofE activities in partnership with Bradford Council and other partners