Queens Hall & Library Refurbishment Consultation



The Parish Council would like to encourage residents to take part in a consultation on the refurbishment options for the Queens Hall and Library. Even if you don’t use these buildings, the decision that is made will affect you because it affects the local tax you pay. A special newsletter has been distributed to all household to provide background information and to support the open day that is planned for Saturday 3rd February 2018.

For those that would like more detail, the there is a more detailed consultation document that can be downloaded here.

The purpose of this consultation is to seek opinions on the four proposed options available




Residents are invited to express their views on each of the options, by stating their preference on e-mail to Burley Parish Council clerk@burleyparishcouncil.co.uk or by completing the form in the attatchment or in the newsletter, and posting it to the Parish Council at the Queens Hall