Wharfedale Greenway



The Parish Council have been in partnership since 2013 with Pool, Menston and Otley Parish Councils, plus Bradford and Leeds District Councils to develop a Wharfedale Greenway from Pool to Burley, with plans later on to extend to Ilkley and Addingham. Over this time there have been extensive negations with local land owners. At Menston agreement on a specific route has stalled due to land ownership issues and the implications for bridge building (already a high cost element of the outline design).

The Wharfedale Greenway will bring real transport, environmental, health, tourism and economic benefits to the communities of Wharfedale that it will link together. When complete it will have the potential to encourage more short, safe cycling and to reduce car use at busy commuter times.  

Negotiations with land owners for the proposed Greenway have been carried out by Sustrans (a leading UK charity in the field and creator of the national cycle network), and Sustans have been the managing agent for the project to date. Recent reductions in project resources at Sustrans have prompted a decision by the project that Burley Parish Council should lead on land partnership discussions within Burley. The Parish Council has the legal power to purchase, rent or lease land for recreational purposes, and with that in mind, the Parish Council are currently negotiating with local land owners


Update: April 2017

Phase 1

The creation of a Wharfedale Greenway took a major step forward with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in November 2016.



The Councils of Otley, Burley-in-Wharfedale, Menston and Pool-in-Wharfedale have been working on the scheme, to produce a walking and cycling route along the old railway line, for three years. They have now made a formal commitment to:


  • Deliver the Greenway in the long-term
  • Continue to make financial contributions
  • Offer officer and councillor support for the whole life of the project.

Sustrans have now completed a technical feasibility study for the phase one, Burley to Otley section which was funded by contributions from all four parishes. The completion of the phase one feasibility study means the steering group can now prepare to fundraise for the construction work and submit proposals to the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

Phase 1 costs are around £2.5 million for which funding will be sought.

Burley Parish Council will be seeking a s106 payment from planning building development work within Burley to start some early work on a small section of the Greenway



 Phase 2

The decision by Ilkley and Addingham Parish Councils to join the Greenway is a welcome addition the project. In January 2017Ilkley Parish Council gave the go ahead to progress a feasibility study from Sustans to assess routes and costs from Burley to Ilkley and on to Addingham