Queen's Hall Refurbishment - Concept Ideas

On the 8th April 2017 the Parish Council held an open day to illustrate some of the ideas that might be employed to enhance the Queen's Hall building. The idea was to share a few concepts as to how the Queen's Hall might be redeveloped to better meet the needs of 21st Century Burley


Concept 1 - key features

  • Provision for a multi purpose square for outdoor events
  • An ante room to provide more storage at the rear of the building
  • Main hall houses portable shelving for library books
  • Bistro / cafe created as a public meeting place



Concept 2 - key features

  • Similar to 1 above but with the addition of a new contemporary library room at the front of the building



Concept 3 - key features

  • A new internal street links the rear car park to the main front entrance
  • A glazed entrance is created at the front
  • Relocation of the kitchen area and relocation of the bar


Concept 4 - key features

  • Front and rear extensions created to provide space for additional services
  • Provision made for a possible mezzanine level in the main hall to provide additional space while improving the acoustics of the main hall area



Concept 5 - key features

  • Extensions to rear to provide public meeting place as well as storage / theatre changing facilities
  • Toilets are reconfigured to make way for a new public toilet with external access
  • Kitchen area removed and a new bar / servery area created for serving light refreshments
  • Space created to provide library services at the front of the building
  • Small hall is modified to create a multi use area for activities such as library reading, sports classes or general seating as the occasion requires


All of these concepts are open refinement, and public opinion on the key features is welcomed. No immediate decision is about to be made on the refurbishment of the Queen's Hall, but towards the end of the year the ideas shared here, plus an additional refinements will be costed and shared with the public

Should you wish to comment, please contact the Parish Clerk