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Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is a decision making sub-committee of the full Parish Council, and aims to manage competing uses for space in the village by

  • setting out a long term vision
  • balancing economic, social and environmental needs
  • providing legitimacy through effective consultation and testing of evidence
  • delivering change on the ground

As a statutory consultee for planning applications made to Bradford, we can add value by reflecting local values and priorities in the policies and decision, and also providing a link between Burley and decision making within Bradford Council.

Planning involves balancing many issues which are important to one or more residents. This includes considering such things as individual interest’s, meeting housing needs, environmental issues, long term strategies and wider public interest matters.

Planning Decisions

Planning decisions are taken in accordance with statutory requirements, unless material considerations indicate otherwise. These considerations include things like layout or housing density, traffic, the local economy, appearance, community life or noise / smell. These are all things that would be apparent to us at a local level in Burley, but which planners in Bradford may not be aware of. There are also a number of special regulations that are relevant to planning applications in Burley such as

  • Green Belt (not to be confused with greenfield)
  • Conservation Areas
  • Listed Buildings
  • Tree Preservations Orders
In general new development requires planning permission, but some specific applications are considered as ‘permitted development’ and don’t require the full approval process e.g. small house extensions, temporary buildings and structures and some farm buildings

When making a decision we aim to approve development proposals that are in line with statutory requirements, but any adverse impacts of allowing development that in our opinion would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefit, are recommended refusal. Historically most of our decisions have been to recommend approval, some subject to specific conditions.