Welcome to Burley Parish Council

As a council we make all kinds of decisions on issues that affect the residents of Burley. Probably the most common topics that we get involved with are planning matters (for which we are statutory consultees), managing open spaces and campaigning for and delivering better services and facilities.

Parish councils have limited powers to make decisions, but we do have the ability to negotiate with, and the power to influence, those other organisations that do make the final decisions, typically Bradford Metropolitan District Council. The organisations that make the final decisions know that a parish council gives the best reflection of how a community feels about something, and its views will be taken seriously.

Feel free to browse our web site and contact us if there's something you feel needs our attention 

Vacancies for Staff 

As you may know Burley Parish Council will be taking on from 1st April 2017 several services that were once provided by Bradford Council. To do this properly the Parish Council need to recruit three members of staff. So if you are interested in working with the Parish Council to make Burley even better have a look at these jobs. The details can be downloaded and need to be returned by Monday 13th February 2017. if you need any more information please contact the Parish Clerk on 01943 864728 or clerk@burleyparishcouncil.co.uk 

Senior Library Assistant:12 hours a week £17547 to £18560 pro rata 

  • Download Job Details:     Here
  • Download Application Form:  Here
  • Download Equal Opps Form:  Here

Caretaker: 20 hours a week £16781 to £17772 pro rata  

  • Download Job Details:      Here  
  • Download Application Form:   Here  
  • Download Equal Opps Form:      Here

 Administrative Coordinator: 15 hours a week £18560 to £20456 pro rata 

  • Download Job Details:   Here 
  • Download Application Form:   Here 
  • Download Equal Opps Form:   Here 

Updates at a glance

Bradford Assets Transfer

Burley Parish Council continues to progress the transfer of assets which Bradford no longer wish to maintain.  If you have views on the cost implications associated with this asset transfer please feel free to contact us

Leaf Clearance and local flooding

 In Burley, geography and density of trees can make leaf litter a significant cause of blocked gullies and grates, which can in turn lead to localised flooding in periods of heavy rainfall. The best way to report is via the Bradford web site. See the full article for more details


Wharfedale Greenway Update

The creation of a Wharfedale Greenway has taken a major step forward with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding


  Local crime update

The division as a whole is suffering an increase in burglary offences and this trend is being reflected in recent crime in Burley. Please read this update for advice and news on crime prevention