Burley's Community Managed Library

Following Bradford Council's decision to reduce their expenditure across their library network the Parish Council agreed to take over the running of the library service from  April 2017. Although Bradford will not pay staffing costs, subject to review, they have offered to provide:

  • The lease of the building
  • The transfer of the existing stock of books and computers
  • New books on a regular basis
  • Payment of energy/business rates/etc.
  • Access to a repairs and improvement fund for the building, although no firm commitment was given on the size of the fund or likelihood of obtaining grants.
  • Training for volunteers
The Parish Council have been fortunate to secure the services of over 60 volunteers to help run library services and activities. In addition, the Parish Council have appointed a Senior Libary Assistant to over see existing book lending ad help develop a range of new activities

Should anyone have any comments about existing services or ideas for new services, please contact the Parish Clerk


Consultative Exhibition

The Council considered the possible options for the future of the library site back in September 2017, and agreed to defer a decision until full development and running costings were available for both for the library and Queens Hall development. Together with the Save Our Library Site community group, the Parish Council also wanted to arrange a joint consultation with residents

There is a small additional charge that each household pays on their Council Tax to cover the running of the village. The Parish Council has the power to increase this, but needs to take views about the size of such an increase that residents feel is acceptable.  


The Parish Council is looking to organise a joint consultative exhibition with the Save Our Library Site group in early February next year. The event will be held in the Queens Hall and will show the proposed drawings for the refurbishment of both builds as proposed by the Parish Council and the Save Our Library Site group.

Before that, to help inform residents on the options, the Parish Council will produce a special edition of the quarterly printed newsletter, to seek community views on the costs and benefits of the refurbishment of both buildings. Thanks to the many volunteers willing to lend their time to help distribute the newsletter, this should be out in January and will be delivered to every home and business in the village. The newsletter will contain background information about the refurbishment and running costs for both the Queens Hall and Library. It will also include several refurbishment options, and costs, to help residents make an informed decision about how best public money should be spent.


Library contact details

Burley Library
Grange Road
LS29 7HD

Phone : 01943 863714
Email : Parish Clerk