Bradford Council Core Strategy

Bradford Local Plan Core Strategy

The Core Strategy is a key Development Plan Document (DPD) that forms part of the Local Plan for the Bradford District. It was adopted by Bradford Council following Examination on 18 July 2017.

The Core Strategy:
Sets out the broad aims and objectives for sustainable development within the Bradford District for the next 15 to 20 years until 2030.
Sets out broad policies for guiding and restraining development.
Sets out the broad locations for new housing, employment and infrastructure investment.
Take account of national and regional planning policy along with the Community Strategy.
Does not allocate specific sites for new housing and employment development.
The area policy document for Wharefdalestates that Burley in Wharfedale will see the creation of 700 new homes through redevelopment of sites within the settlement and with a significant contribution from green belt changes, together with associated community facilities.

Wharfedale investment priorties include improve public transport, particularly between Ilkley, Burley in Wharfedale and Menston, to enhance the ease of movement and improve access to jobs within the Wharfedale Corridor particularly for disadvantaged communities.
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Land Allocations Development Document

The Allocations Development Document allocates land to meet the district’s needs over the period to 2030 for new homes, and identifies which greenspaces will be protected and enhanced.

The Allocations DPD will deliver the vision and objectives set out within the Council’s Core Strategy which aims to meet the challenges involved in providing for the needs of a rapidly growing population in the best and most sustainable way.

The Bradford Core Strategy estimates that a significant amount of land will need to be released to meet development targets in particular for housing and employment land. A systematic review of the land around the district’s towns and villages will be needed and a green belt methodology will set out where the review will be applied and what criteria will be used.

Bradford Council are currently finalising dates and details for the sit allocations process

The Allocations plan has three key roles, these will be to:

Identify the sites and land which will be allocated to meet the District’s need for homes, jobs and community facilities such as schools.
Undertake a review of the district’s green belt.
Review and designate key areas of greenspace which will be protected from development.
The whole site allocations process will need to conform to the policies within the Core Strategy. Bradford plan to analyse the potential options in each settlement. This will involve detailed site appraisal, a green belt review, a review of infrastructure and sustainability appraisal work including further work to assess flood risk and flood resilience, transport modelling and the impact of new development on wildlife and wildlife habitats before a preliminary draft plan is published for comment.

There is more information on the Bradford web site