Burley Parish Council manage allotments on Prospect Road, Aireville Terrace and on Oak Avenue.

Although there is a waiting list for allotments the Parish Council is always looking for land to use for allotments; if you would like more information about allotments in the village or would like to go on the waiting list please contact the parish clerk on 01943 864728 or

Proposed new allotments along Iron Row

Although the waiting list for allotments has come down from over 100 in 2013 to 69 currently, the average waiting time is 7 years! The Parish Council considered allotments in the field off Iron Row back in July, at which stage there was consultation with the residents on Iron Row and Spring Gardens to seek views on the change of use of part of the filed. At that time 11 people contacted the clerk, all of whom were concerned about the possibility of increased traffic on Iron Row, but who were generally supportive of the principle. Indeed there were no objections to the idea of additional allotment in principle.
Subject to planning permission, the Parish Council have therefore decided to move ahead and create a number of half size allotments, including footpaths between allotments, water to site, and a gravel based car park for offloading. While the allotment holders will be expected to walk to cycle to the site there, there will be provision for a small parking area for the delivery of equipment and supplies to support the allotments, but deliberately not large enough for allotment holders to drive to the site and park up while tending their allotment.